Bermuda’s Exclusive Suppliers Of Crimsafe® Technology

Vinyl Tech is the exclusive supplier of Crimsafe® in Bermuda. Crimsafe® is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas from theft.

Crimsafe® can withstand winds from hurricane strengths up to Category 4!

Two special features mean it beats more burglars:

“Screw-Clamped” Mesh

Crimsafe® mesh is sandwiched between two serrated pieces of aluminum that clamp the mesh tight. One is an aluminum strip with a hook and the other is the frame that the strip hooks into. All three are then screwed together with stainless steel tamper-resistant screws and the different components are separated by a Santoprene (rubber) bead. This combination mechanically fastens the mesh to the frame and creates a barrier that can’t be kicked in. Simply put, it offers the best possible solution against burglars, who will give up in frustration at not being able to kick through the screen.

Secret Coating
The coating that goes on our stainless steel mesh gives it a cool black look, but is also purposefully designed to protect it from the environment. We can’t reveal the formula, but we can tell you that it contains additives to ensure long life and permanent good looks. The commercial powder coating actively works against the buildup of airborne particles and makes cleaning easier. To prove its worth, we sent test samples of our mesh to undergo a test that measures corrosion resistance when exposed to accelerated weathering conditions. A salt solution is sprayed at the test samples for 1,000 hours, simulating 10 years of environmental exposure. Crimsafe® passed easily.