Our Products

All Vinyl Tech products are fabricated to the highest quality and performance (mostly in-house), which offers our customers the greatest flexibility. We’re speedy, innovative, full service providers who back our products with free site visits and quotes. All products are fitted by our qualified installation team.

Window Solutions

PVC Window Solutions For Bermuda Homes

We carry a large selection of windows in stock, and can order any custom size required with fast delivery times. We also offer a complete range of picture windows, sliding windows and architectural shapes. The solutions are endless. Our custom-designed windows give you the perfect platform for attaching any form of hurricane protection, while guaranteeing a perfect window fit with no leaks. We offer many glass packages, including high energy efficiency and laminated options. All windows come with a limited lifetime factory warranty. We offer free site visits and quotes.

Tilt & Turn

Tilt Turn windows open horizontally for full ventilation or tilt at the top when the weather is inclement. They are fabricated in Bermuda to any size and shape.

Awnings & Casements

Casement windows wind out with side-mounted hinges, while the Awning window winds out with a top mounted hinge. All include full screens which can be easily removed for cleaning. Both have an extremely high wind rating.

Door Solutions

PVC Door Solutions

VinylTech fabricates doors right here in Bermuda to any size you require. We have an extensive range of grid patterns available to choose from, including a half panel door and even a selection of stylish full-panel designs. These doors have a 5-point locking system for added security and weather seal protection, as well as fully adjustable hinges.

Our entry doors are made with the Euro Style sash, which offers a double weather seal for protection from the elements.

We also carry a large selection of sliding doors in stock. All have precision stainless steel rollers and a stainless “multi point” locking system, which is very secure. All of our doors meet or exceed DP50 wind ratings. As our utility doors are fabricated in house, we can accommodate any size and odd shapes.

Stable (Dutch) Doors

Stable (Dutch) doors have an upper half that can open on its own
while leaving the bottom half closed and latched. Ideal for houses with pets and/or children that want to control entries and exits, the two halves can also be latched together so it opens as a regular door.

Our latest (and most popular) entry door is the “Tilt Turn” door. This innovative door, found only at VinylTech, offers a tilt/turn window installed in the top half of the door. The window can be opened
horizontally for full ventilation or tilted in at the top when the weather is inclement. As with all our doors, they’re made with stainless steel, feature multipoint locks and include fully adjustable hinges.

Fold & Slide by Veka®

Bring the outside inside or open an entire wall with the Fold & Slide door, which is ideal for residential or commercial applications. The rollers along which the doors slide offer a smooth glide and reliable performance.

Available in an out-swing or an in-swing door, these Euro profiles offer high wind ratings with multipoint locking for security.

Fencing & Railing Solutions

PVC Fencing & Railing

All of VinylTech’s fences and railing products are custom-made in our warehouse to match the specifications, design, and features of your project. It can even be designed to fit angles and hills. All of our fencing is virtually maintenance free and will never chip or fade.

Our most popular rail (standard 3′ or 4′) consists of a 1.5” picket with a 3.5-4” inch spacing, and is perfect for balconies, pools and property boundaries. All rails are reinforced and meet or exceed planning requirements. With available heights up to 7 feet, and need can be easily met.

With our wide range of PVC extrusions, we are able to create beautiful garden features including Arbours, Perfolas, planters and many other exciting products.


Our “Tongue and Groove” privacy fence has panels which lock together to ensure total privacy while offering strength in high wind conditions. The Semi-private fence offers a small space between pickets, allowing the breeze to pass through. With available heights up to 7 feet, we can accommodate any privacy requirements.

Closed Picket

Closed picket fences are ideal for areas surrounding swimming pools, offering a closed design with a flat top bar.

PVC Decking

Endeck is the perfect combination of strength, good looks and easy care. It’s engineered to resist sagging that can occur in wood and ordinary composite decking. Endeck PVC deck boards have an embossed wood grain on both sides with real-wood appeal. Its surface mimics the look and feel of real wood, and the colours will match or contrast nicely with the colour of your home. Very low maintenance; there is no scraping, sanding or staining. It’s easy to clean and stays cool to the touch, even on the hottest days.


VinylTech are the only fence fabricator to offer curved rail solutions. Ideal for curved balconies or stairs, these rails are bent to the exact radius of your area, offering a classic look which cannot be achieved by the normal straight lengths.

Removable Pool Fence

Guardian Pool Fences are very attractive with strong transparent mesh material. They are specifically designed to save the lives of children by preventing them from gaining access to the pool area. Meets and exceeds all planning codes.

Glass Rail

Our complete range of glass rail products allow for totally unobstructed views. Strong and durable, these systems enhance the beauty of your property both inside and out. With many customized options, including top rails and hand rails, the combinations are limitless.

Hurricane Protection Solutions

Hurricane Protection Products

VinylTech offers intensive window and door solutions that can protect your home from hurricane winds of up to 200mph. We have a complete lineof aluminum rolling shutters and accordions.

Also available are our Lexan panels, which are lightweight for storage and very affordable. Forget the plywood and nails: These can be installed in minutes if there is a threat of bad weather.

Our newest (and by far the strongest) solution for hurricane protection is our Crimsafe® hurricane screens. Rated for a category 4 hurricane, there is nothing stronger on the market.

Rolling Shutter

Rollingshield rolling shutters offer the absolute strongest protection against hurricane-force winds, making them an ideal choice for Bermudian homeowners and businesses during hurricane season (June 1st – November 30th). They’re also designed to compliment your building’s existing architecture without taking away from its looks.

Accordion Shutters

Rollingshield accordion shutters are maneuverable and secure, offering an economical way to protect your home or business from intruders and the inclement weather. Non-intrusive, they fold compactly to the sides when opened and are equipped with durable locking rods for your protection.

Awning & Shade Solutions

Custom-Build Awnings

Our retractable awnings are constructed to shelter areas from the damaging effect of the sun, providing the benefits of year-round sun protection from heat, UV rays and glare. All systems are constructed from heavy-duty aluminum and fade-resistant fabrics. We have a large selection of fabrics (colours and patterns) locally.

Whether you need it for your balcony, patio, garden, porch or any other environment, retractable awnings are the way to go for efficient year-round sun and heat protection. We offer an array of awning styles from Rollingshield to suit the needs of any outdoor area. Some of our systems are even mechanized, and will retract automatically in the event of high and potentially-damaging winds. 

Custom-Build Shades

VinylTech stock an array of high-quality Louvlite shades in several styles to complement your home or business environment. Some of our available shades styles include vision, roller, roman, vertical and pleated, with a wide variety of fabric colours to choose from for each.